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国际古地理学会(International Society of Palaeogeography,缩写为ISP),由冯增昭先生发起、2022年7月16日在北京正式成立,是由世界各国古地理学及其相关学科的专家自愿组成的国际性、学术性、非营利性的社会团体,也是我国成立的第一家地质学领域国际性学术组织,其主管单位为教育部,登记管理机关为民政部,挂靠单位为中国石油大学(北京)。该学会致力于促进世界各国古地理学的交流、发展和创新,为矿产资源尤其是石油和天然气资源的预测和勘探服务。


学会业务范围包括:1. 组织开展古地理学学科的国际学术交流与合作;2. 定期召开古地理学学术会议;3. 积极参加国际上其他相关组织的活动;4. 依法依规创办期刊(现有古地理学报中文版和英文版两种期刊);5. 维护会员的合法权益,举办为会员服务的活动。 




普通会员:以个人名义加入学会组织的科研、管理和生产人员,会员费用200 RMB/年或40 USD/年。

学生会员:以个人名义加入学会的在读硕士或博士研究生,会员费用100 RMB/年或20 USD/年。

终身会员:任何对学会相关学科发展有积极贡献的个人会员,会员费用,一次性缴纳2000 RMB。



会员享有下列权利:1. 本学会的选举权、被选举权和表决权;2. 出席本学会的会员大会、国际古地理学学术会议及其他有关学术活动;3. 无偿按期获得学会有关期刊;4. 获得本学会服务的优先权;5. 对本学会工作的批评建议权和监督权;6. 入会自愿、退会自由。






1、打开 链接,进入国际古地理学会官方网站。

2、点击首页右上角”Join ISP”, 填写个人信息,点击“SAVE AND CONTINUE”。



The First International Academic Organization in the Field of Geology in China

Welcome to join ISP

1 Introduction to ISP

International Society of Palaeogeography (ISP), initiated by Mr. Feng Zengzhao and formally established in Beijing on July 16, 2022, is an international, academic, non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by experts in palaeogeography and its related disciplines from all over the world. It is also the first international academic organization in the field of geology established in China with its competent unit, the Ministry of Education; registration authority, the Ministry of Civil Affairs; and affiliated unit, China University of Petroleum (Beijing). The Society is committed to promoting exchanges, development and innovation in palaeogeography worldwide, and to serving the prediction and exploration of mineral resources, especially oil and natural gas resources.

2 The Business Scope of ISP

The business scope of the Society includes: 1) Organizing international academic exchanges and cooperation in the discipline of paleogeography; 2) Convening regular academic conferences on palaeogeography; 3) Actively participating in the activities of other relevant organizations internationally; 4) Founding journals in accordance with the laws and regulations (there are two existing journals, Journal of Palaeogeography (Chinese and English Edition)); 5) Safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of the members and organizing activities for the benefit of the members.

3 Types of Membership

Membership of ISP can be divided into four categories:

Honorary Member: Members who have made significant contributions to the development and the work of ISP shall be invited by the Secretariat to join the Society and exempted from membership fees.

Ordinary Member: Researchers, managers and technicians who join ISP in person. The membership fee is 200 RMB/year or 40 USD/year.

Student Member: A current master's or doctoral student who joins the Society in his/her own name. The membership fee is 100 RMB/year or 20 USD/year.

Lifetime Member: Any individual member who has made positive contributions to the development of the relevant disciplines of the Society. The membership fee is 2000 RMB for one-time payment.

If you have practical difficulties in paying the membership fee, you may apply for a waiver of the membership fee at the payment stage, and will be formally admitted to the Society after approval at the discretion of the Society's Secretariat.

4 Rights of Membership

Members shall enjoy the following rights: 1. The right to elect, to be elected and to vote in the Society; 2. The right to attend the General Assembly of the Society, the International Palaeogeography Conference and other related academic activities; 3. The right to receive the journals of the Society free of charge and on schedule; 4. The right to have priority to receive services from the Society. 5. The right to criticize, suggest and supervise the work of the Society; 6. The right to join the Society voluntarily, and have freedom to withdraw.

5 Meetings will be hosted recently

August 11-13, 2023, The 17th National Conference on Paleogeography and Sedimentology will be held in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, by China University of Petroleum (East China)

May 17-20, 2024, The 6th International Conference on Paleogeography will be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, by Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Join ISP, having priority to participate in geological conferences at home and abroad, get more information , find more surprise!

6 How to join ISP

1 Click the link, entering the official website of ISP

2 Click on "Join ISP" at the top right corner of the homepage, then fill in your personal information and click "SAVE AND CONTINUE".

3 Enter the payment process: choose “RMB payment“ using WeChat or Alipay for domestic payment; choose “USD payment” for foreign payment, remitting the fee to the official account through bank transfer. Don’t forget fill in your personal name and account number online.

4 Successful payment of fees. Official receipt will be issued for mainland members.