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Regulations on the Management of Members of the International Society of Palaeogeography

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1: In accordance with the Constitution of the International Society of palaeogeography, the Regulations on the Management of Members of the Society (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) are formulatedin to regulate the management of members.

Article 2: Members of the Society refer to individuals who voluntarily join and have full civil capacity as stipulated in the articles of the Society.

Chapter 2 Classification of Members and Rights and Obligations of Members

Article 3: The members of the Society are divided into ordinary members, student members, and honorary members. 

(1) Ordinary member: Joining the scientific research, management, and production organization of the society in the name of an individual personnel;

(2) Student member: Master's or Doctoral students who join the society in their personal name, ends their membership naturally after graduation; 

(3) Honorary member: Members have made significant contributions to the development of related disciplines and the work of the Society. The advisor and honorary director of the Society, approved by the council, will automatically become Honorary member of the Society.

Article 4: Members shall join the Society voluntarily and must meet the following conditions:

(1) Support the constitution of the Society;

(2) Having desire to join the Society; 

(3) Engaged in palaeogeography and palaeontology, tectonic geology, sedimentology, terraforming the work in the cross field of science and palaeogeography. 

Article 5: Members have the following rights:

(1) The voting rights, standing for election, and voting rights of the Society

(2) Have priority to read Journal of Paleogeography (English Editon) and Journal of Paleogeography(Chinese Editon), in obtaining notices of academic conferences organized or co-organized by Society

(3) Priority and preferential rights to participate in academic activities and other services organized by Society, and enjoys discounts according to the type of membership; 

(4) The right to criticize and suggest the work of this society; 

(5) Voluntary membership and freedom to withdraw.

Article 6: Members shall fulfill the following obligations: 

(1) abide by the articles and execute the resolutions of the Society

(2) Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Society;

(3) Pay membership fees according to regulations; 

(4) Actively engage in research in the field of this discipline and promote related scientific and technological popularization and communication work.

Article 7: Members shall apply to the Secretariat of the Society for membership, and fill out the form through the Society's website or email, which can be approved by the general secretary of the Society and then submitted to the chairman for review before joining the association. Honorary members must be nominated and recommended by three or more directors for membership. After being reviewed and approved by the board of directors, they can be awarded the title of honorary member. In addition, the advisors and honorary directors approved by the council will automatically become honorary members of our Society.

Article 8: Members who withdraw from the Society shall submit a written application sheet to the secretariat of the Society for formal filing.

Chapter 3 Membership Fees

Article 9: In accordance with the principle of benefiting and utilizing members, the membership fees of the Society are mainly used for academic activities, academic and popular science publications, and international and domestic academic exchanges.

Article 10: The membership fee standard is 200 yuan or US $40 per person in each year; The student membership standard fee is 100 yuan or US $20 per person in each year. Membership fees can be paid annually or in one lump sum upon expiration. By paying a one-time membership fee of 2000 yuan, one becomes a lifelong member of the Society and will enjoy all the rights for a whole life.

Article 11: Membership fees shall be collected uniformly by the Secretariat of the Society.

Article 12: Those who have successfully registered for the year or lifetime membership before paying the registration fee for the conference can enjoy the conference preferential treatment. Early members who have not paid their current year's membership fees will have their membership cancelled and no longer enjoys all the services and discounts provided by the Society.

Article 13: Honorary members approved by the council of this association shall not charge individual membership fees, but they can enjoy all the rights of members of the Society.

Article 14: The use of membership fees will be regularly reported by the secretariat of the Society to the council, and report to all members at the general meeting.

Chapter 4 Procedures for Amending Regulations

Article 15: The proposal shall be jointly proposed by 5 or more members, and shall be discussed and voted upon by the council of this association, and shall be reported to all members through the Society's website.

Chapter 5 Supplementary Provisions

Article 16: These regulations are the basis for the management, collection, and use of membership fees of the Society.

Article 17: These regulations have been reviewed and voted on by the Council of the Society on several years passed, and executed from the date of approval.

Article 18: The interpretation of these regulations shall be the responsibility of the Council of the Society.