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The Introduction of ISP

The International Society of Palaeogeography, abbreviated as ISP, is an international, academic, non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by experts in palaeogeography and related disciplines in the world, which is the first international academic organization in the field of geology established in China.

China's Palaeogeography research has reached a high level around the world through decades of progress. Since 2013, Prof. Feng Zengzhao from China University of petrolum (Beijing) has initiated 5 academic conferences of international palaeogeography to promote the development and innovation of this discipline, which led the exploration and exploitation of global mineral resources (especially oil and gas) to enhance the discourse right and impact of China in international palaeogeography and geology. Based on the voice of representatives during the Conferences, Prof. Feng Zengzhao applied for founding the ISP with the supports of geologists from several different countries.

The Society will provide a new platform for academic exchanges between domestic and foreign palaeogeography communities, motivating the research development of palaeogeography in China and the world, exploring new way for international social organizations in participating in global governance. The Society will be committed to promoting the exchange, development and innovation of palaeogeography around the world, serving the prediction and exploration of mineral resources, especially oil and gas.