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Organization of ISP

The General Assembly (or Membership Representive Conference) of the Society is the highest authority of ISP with its powers listed below:

1. Formulation and amendment of charter;

2. Election and removal of Directors;

3. Consider the work report and financial report of the Board of Directors;

4. Decision on termination;

5. Discuss and decide the time, place and organizer of General Assembly, international conference of palaeogeography and other academic activities, as well as other major academic issues;

6. Review the academic quality of the Journal of Palaeogeography (English Version) and propose to make it a leading international journal in the field of geology as soon as possible;

7. Board of Directors is the executive body of General Assembly, with the responsibility of carrying out daily affairs and being accountable to General Assembly;

Authority of Board of Directors:

1.Implement the resolutions of the General Assembly (or Membership Representive Conference);

2. Election and dismissal of the chairman, vice chairman and secretary-general;

3. Preparing for the General Assembly (or Membership Representive Conference), international conference of palaeogeography and other academic activities;

4. Report on work and financial status to the General Assembly;

5. admit or remove members;

6. Establish the Secretariat as the daily office of the Society, and may also establish branches, representative bodies and other entities;

7. Decide on the appointment of the Under-Secretary-General and the principal officers of the Society;

8. Lead the work of the Society;

9. Develop internal management system;

10. Discuss and decide other important matters.