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The logo of International Society of Palaeogeography was officially released

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2023年1月,国际古地理学会现面向社会公开发起 “国际古地理学会”标志(LOGO)征集活动,共收到19份设计方案。经过学会评选委员会初评,以及学会96名创始会员公开投票,马红欣的设计成果被评选为本学会会标。



图1 国际古地理学会会标

圆形外框内写有“International Society of Palaeogeography”英文名称,下方写有“2022”意指学会成立年份;中间圆框内,上部山体形状寓意古地理的山脉等概念,也代表了地质行业的工作环境,橙色表示山体颜色;下方是水的形态,蓝色表示水的颜色,代表山、河、湖、海等概念,同时配有“ISP”学会名称缩写。整体设计有山有水,有风景,有人文,形象鲜活、灵动、大气、简洁,又彰显了古地理的特点。


The logo of International Society of Palaeogeography was officially released

Since January, 2023, the International Society of Palaeogeography (ISP) has been calling for proposals for Logo of ISP to the public, and has received a total of 19 design proposals. After preliminary evaluation by the Review Committee and public voting by the 96 founding members of ISP, Ma Hongxin's design was selected as the official logo.

The logo design is shown in Figure 1.


Fig. 1 Logo of ISP

Inside the round frame, there is the name of "International Society of Palaeogeography" with "2022" written below, which means the year of the establishment of the Society. In the middle frame, on the upper side, it is the shape of mountain coloured orange, which implies the concepts of palaeogeography and working environment of the geological industry; in the lower part, there is a shape of bule colored water, which represents the concepts of river, lake, and sea, equipped with the abbreviation of the name of the society, "ISP". The image of mountain, water and metaphorical meaning make the design vivid, lively, impressive, and also highlights the characteristics of palaeogeography.